Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Okay, so I'm in SF again.
It was blistering for two days, and now it has been freezing for 2 days. I wonder if I could really live here.
I think I could.
Everyday I've been hanging out. I have a freelance job right now, designing prints for a swimwear company in socal, so I've been doing that. It's nice not having to go into an office; this is spoiling me. It'll also be exciting to see my work as an actual print and then on an actual bikini. Before I didn't really do any print design, so I'm excited to be making actual prints/artwork.
What else?
Leaving for Europe in less than two weeks. And Rea invited me to New Orleans in August. I've always wanted to go, so this will be really fun. This entry is boring. Okay I'm done.

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