Monday, June 16, 2008

It's monday.

Downtown LA. We went to Grand Central and Little Tokyo this weekend. We even took the metro so I could feel good about saving gas (and to pretend like I was still in SF a bit too). There were skateboarders filming and taking pictures on the streets. LA is beautiful. It'll always be home. I just need to get away for a bit, you know?
Yea so it's monday. But everyday feels like a weekend when you're unemployed. That's not necessarily a good thing. You lose track of the date, the day of the week. I'm feeling sort of useless.
After my trip to Europe I will probably be moving to San Francisco for a bit. I'm applying to schools, researching schools, looking for jobs, attempting to do freelance work, supposed to help my uncle out at the office, finishing resume, starting portfolio, moving out of the apartment...!
Okay, it's not that much, but for some reason I just feel overwhelmed. I wish it was a week ago.

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