Saturday, June 07, 2008


Alive and well.

I guess I'll try and keep this updated, for those of you curious of my 'adventure' of sorts. I just took a shower, getting dressed, and I'm listening to some Abbey Road.
A funny story about San Francisco follows:

Play this while you read. That's what I'm listening to right now. Also there's someone snoring in the living room.

Two days ago I was taking a walk around the block. I'm staying in a pink apartment on 31st and Judah, near the Sunset area. There is a small asian community nearby, a liquor store, a kids gymnastics studio, etc. That's all sort of irrelevant to my story, but it gives you a sense of where I'm living right now. Anyhow, walking up 31st, across the street to the liquor store, taking some pictures of this and that on the sidewalk, I find a plastic bag with one of those Chinese red envelopes inside. I stop to take a picture and then I wonder to myself if maybe there was still money inside. I pick it up. I spot, well, a joint. Papers. A waft of something familiar and potent. Quick! Into the pocket! Potent. So potent I feel paranoid walking down the street with it, run home, into the apartment, open it up and see a full red envelope of well, you know.

Today's goals include some sewing projects, listening to records, getting a bathmat. Exciting, I know.
Who knew that working a 9-5 for almost 2 years could wipe me out like this. I know being a bum here in SF can't last forever, but just let me enjoy it while I can. I could get used to this, but probably shouldn't. Agh, who knows. Time will tell.

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