Monday, June 09, 2008

Ok ok ok

Coming home tomorrow, finally. Tomorrow night.

Bear with my awful writing skills:
My parents called last night.
"Um, I don't think you should go to work tomorrow...I think you got fired," my mom said, reading the note that came with my last paycheck they mailed home.

"Oh...yea...they told me business wasn't doing so well, with the bad economy and, well yea..." I said, pretending to sound surprised, unconvincingly.

"Oh ok. Yea if they told you business wasn't doing well, then yea...ok at least since they fired you can apply for severance, do you know how to do that?" she said.

"Oh. Yea. Ok. Yea I know how to do that---
---Actually, no, wait, I can't...I, yea. I quit."

"Oh... Why didn't you tell us first?"

"I was losing my mind there mom! I just couldn't go back, I can't ever go back to that place and I'm never going back there and it's not a real job and I just can't go back--"

"Talk to your dad..."

"---Hi Daddy."

"You quit? Why didn't you tell us?"


"--Sigh. You just described how all entry level jobs are, Jasmine. That's the way it is in the beginning."

"Nooo, you don't understand that place. I can't go back ever."

"Why didn't you tell us first? You can't just quit. You have to have a next step planned out. You don't have a next step. You're moving home, right? Do you need help getting all your stuff? We can come help..."

"It's fine. Mostly just clothes."

"I have a friend in that industry, you want me to ask him?"

"Sure dad. That would be really great. I can show him my resume and portfolio if he asks. Yea. Dad I just needed some time off. That place sucked all the creativity out of me. In in the end I just sat there 8 hours a day staring at the computer doing nothing all day. I just couldn't do it anymore. I lost my mind. And I tried looking for other jobs too' I tried working on my resume and portfolio but it was so hard while working at the same time. I just need some time off to work on that and start applying for schools, you know?"

"When are you coming home?"

"I'll be back wednesday."



"Go Lakers?"

"Yea, I don't like it when they get cocky..."

"Yea, I thought towards the end that just maybe..."

"Yea...Ok...well I'll see you wednesday then. Bye daddy."

"Ok. Bye."

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