Friday, June 06, 2008


Today was...another beautiful day. Damn you San Francisco! It's working...!
Then again, compared to sitting at a desk, in a room with no windows, in Orange County---lots of things are much better than that, so I don't know. I may be disillusioned, but trying to enjoy it nevertheless.
We ran into an estate sale this afternoon. It was a gorgeous Victorian duplex in the Fillmore. This place was amazing---the light fixtures, even the wallpaper were so splendidly antique. We were playing around with the record player and ened up taking it home along with those giant vintage-y speakers, and then picked up some LP's at Amoeba. I never knew they'd be so cheap; you'd think things like old Beatles or Stones albums would be collectible or something, not in the dollar bin at a record store.
That crackly record noise never gets old; it somehow makes everything sound even better.
Eating thai take out with Led playing in the background... I might not ever come home...but...well...we shall see...

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