Thursday, December 24, 2009

x-mas eve

hey there. trying to keep this blog nonsecular, see, with the whole "X"-mas thing...
anyway! 'tis x-mas eve. i hope you are all with your loved ones, a loved one, or feel loved today, tonight, and well, to be honest, always. so i guess tonight my wish to you is no different than any other night. but really. i'm flying tomorrow to a land far far away and i'll be gone until january 11th.
to those family and friends i got to see briefly this holiday break, i Love you. thank you for being a part of my little ol' life. i'll miss you!
happy holidays(whichever you celebrate) and happy new year. stay healthy, safe, and overcome with the joy in knowing that i will return 11 days into the brand new year of 2010.

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