Tuesday, December 22, 2009


to be continued...

Jessie and I were supposed to be working on our resumes at Coffee Bean this afternoon. Instead she got sidetracked with complaining about ex-girlfriend's and my mind was preoccupied with the idea of making soap after seeing this tutorial. I had a coupon for Michael's so I went and bought the soap base, but they sure make the whole process look a lot prettier. The tea I steeped didn't give the base much aroma, and I didn't find the nice square molds in tutorial so I made due with dixie cups and tupperware (of the nicer shaped tupperwares). Results were definitely meh. I think I need to invest in some good smelling essential oils and some dried flower petals or something to perk up my soap. Oats and chamomile was my first successful soap. Someone is going to get an oatmeal breakfast surprise in their sink real soon.
The end.

P.S. Kids are so great. Especially when they get mad at you for not playing with them and erase all the pictures in your digital camera. I love kids. LOVE EM! I DO!

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