Sunday, December 20, 2009

hullo hullo

so. i'm officially graduated!
there is no explanation of how happy i felt when i finished my math final (with flying colors, i might add) and was DONE DONE DONE with school. it felt like a huuuuuge weight was lifted off me. no more homework, no more midterms and finals projects, no more studying, no more! i feel good.
the holidays are quickly approaching. most of my time is being spent coordinating schedules for visitors and friends i haven't seen in a while who are home for the winter break. have to make time to see them all before i leave for taiwan on Dec. 25th. yes, christmas night we are flying to taiwan for my cousin's wedding. i'll be gone until jan 11, so don't be surprised if i don't update for a while.
and be surprised if i update from taiwan. international blogger extraordinaire! (not really.)

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