Thursday, September 17, 2009

summer break

since my schedule has been sorta backwards and i've been in summer school until just two days ago (it's already mid september???) my brain has been in summer mode as of lately, even though halloween is just around the corner.

it's only my second day of 'summer vacation', and i've already grown quite restless. i kept myself busy the other day when i botched my supposed-to-be marinara sauce and turned it into a tasty tomato basil soup instead.
sometimes mistakes are good.
also, i made some ridiculous snickerdoodles today. cookie overload. i cleaned the fishtank; it was horrendous. now i'm about to take my laptop in because according to the mac store the display needs to be replaced. frustratinnnnnngggggggggggggggg. frustrating. right now i'm attempting to back up all the junk on my computer, which i probably should've thought about doing at some point anyway, so something good came of this stupid wonky display at least.
okay. off to a place called DINO COMPUTERS. should i trust a place called DINO COMPUTERS is the question...


it took me forever to back up all my stuff, and i was about to just give up all my files to the computer gods and leave for the dino store, and NOW my display is back to normal!!!
AJHJKHFSJKD';ldkjfad@*&@*(&$kaljskldf! (in a good way i guess)

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