Monday, September 28, 2009


today, on your birthday, you helped me bake your own birthday cake.
the story, see, is that i have been looking up recipes for weeks. different frostings, chocolate cakes, yellow cakes, different reviews on different tried and true recipes. and then yesterday i went for it and i baked one (attempted to, at least). but as my mom just pointed out, peanut won't even eat the one i made. it was an ultimate cake fail.
so today, with your help, we made your birthday cake. i couldn't think of a better person to help me with such an important cake.

i try to avoid saying cheesy stuff in my blog (and basically ever) and i feel like this blog post is getting pretty might as well go for it!...
brian, i love you. thank you. thanks for understanding that i'll never call you hubby or bake you anything that's pink with heart shaped sprinkles and glitter and butterflies, or from a recipe by sandra lee. but i'll always be here for you and i hope you know that. may all your birthday wishes come true.

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