Monday, September 21, 2009

monday monday

today feels like a beatles white album monday because buffalo bill was stuck in my head, so that is the soundtrack for this morning.
i feel tired from this weekend. ice cream selling went alright, saw some of the regulars which is always nice. and hanami (friend shoutout!) came by with her adorable mom.
yesterday i stopped into a thrift store and picked up a new dog bowl for peanut and a cookie jar that is shaped like a cake. i don't know. i also saw michael cera and ate at a hipster overpriced vietnamese restaurant. $9 bowls of pho made for white people. i just don't know.

i'm going to go make some banana bread with this recipe (friend shoutout again!)
also, big event for sucrose today. we'll be at TASTE OF ARCADIA at the arboretum giving out samples along with tons of other restaurants/businesses in arcadia. expecting 1000+ people. we shall see how that goes!

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charissa said...

Yay for shout-outs. Boo for overpriced pho.

Oh man. I would be so pissed if I opened that jar and found cookies. It's obviously a cake jar that you can reach into and grab handfuls of cake. Duh.