Tuesday, September 29, 2009

easy peasy

orange chicken.
okay. honestly, chinese people do not make orange chicken. wait. well what i mean is my mom has never ever made orange chicken at home, let alone order it in a chinese restaurant. not that there's anything wrong with orange chicken, but my point is that it isn't exactly a real traditional chinese dish, to clear things up for those of you that might think i eat this every week with some kung pao chicken and whats that other thing---oh, chop suey (i don't even know what that is BRIAN BOWEN) and a bowl of rice dredged in soy sauce.
sorry. this quick post on trader joe's frozen orange chicken turned long. anyhow! if you've got the orange chicken craving, grab a bag from tj's. its suuuuuper easy. throw the chicken in the oven (or toaster oven) until crunchy. microwave the sauce and pour it over. i doctored mine with green onions and seasames ( SO ASIAN!) and sriracha if you like spicy things.

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charissa said...

Good story.

Ditto on the previous anti-Sandra-Lee comment. She might as well show us how to microwave 10 hot pockets in the microwave and call it a feast.