Friday, January 18, 2008

South Coast Farms CSA Update!

Yahoo! Although a bit delayed, here are pictures from last week's CSA pickup!

A big basket full of organic treats. A lot of the vegetables I wasn't familiar with so I was doing a lot of google-ing and wikipedia-ing to figure out what they were. Luckily, each week the farms email you a few blurbs on whats in the basket, as well as recipes to try out. It's pretty exciting and it's fun being introduced to vegetables I wouldn't normally try out at the supermarket. Kohlrabi? Kale? Tat soi, anybody?
So far I've made a simple sauteed kohlrabi and rosemary shortbread. I'll post pictures and recipes soon! Meanwhile, my mother is shouting at me each new segment they're showing on the travel channel, so I guess I'll go and watch. Ta ta...

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ZOE said...

How'd the recipes go?!