Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy New Year!
I know a lot of people have a new year's resolution to eat healthier and I just wanted to share this organization that I'm joining called Community Supported Agricultural (CSA).
Considering all the pesticides and genetically modified/processed foods out there that we don't even know we're eating, maybe it's not such a bad idea to think about the following:
How it works is that you pay for a weekly or biweekly supply of organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables ranging between 25-35 lbs of food and costing around $30-40. I'm splitting the food with my roomate, so that would be $15 for myself every two weeks to eat pesticide free organic produce. If you've ever been to Whole Foods or Mother's Market you know how pricey buying organic can be, so economically it's a pretty good deal.
Since I'm still living in the OC I've joined this local one ( which has about 12 different pick up locations for your weekly/bi weekly pickup. but there are CSA's all over LA County and throughout the states, just google it and find one near you.
You'll be eating healthy AND helping support local farms. AND it would give you a chance to try new recipes according to whatever fruits and vegetables are in season! ISN"T THIS THE MOST AMAZING AND ENLIGHTENING DISCOVERY OF THE NEW YEAR?!
If not, then sorry. But I'm pretty excited.

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