Saturday, January 26, 2008


You like how I keep CAPITALIZING the titles of my posts? I'm kind of getting annoyed by it. I think I just capitalize it so it looks like I'm shouting it. Like, "LEMON BARS!". Actually, not really. I think I just do it because I can't think of a better title, and it just looks more important with the capital letters. But if I saw you I wouldn't shout it like "LEMON BARS!!!!!". I would just say it with emphasis and a little enthusiasm, more like, "LEMONNNNN BARSSSSSS...", see, no exclamations.
On to the main topic. Lemons. These are not from my CSA, although there were a few tiny lemons in the basket and I think I used one. These are from my backyard, thus they are organic and pesticide free. Citrus fruits are interesting to me because I always think of them as these refreshing summery fruits, when they're actually ripening right now.
These pretty lemons inspired me to search up a lemon bar recipe.

I spared the life of this alien looking one. Sometimes our tree has the craziest shaped lemons. I think Saxton Freymann could put this one into good use, maybe make it some weird Siamese twin animal.
I've never actually made lemon bars before, in fact lemon pastries or lemon flavored cakes and such have never appealed to me. But lemon bars seem to be universally liked, and after trying some homemade ones from my aunt's friend, I decided to give it a go. I based my recipe off this one here. You're right, all I did was google the phrase "best lemon bars" and I got this recipe. Google is handy like that.
I didn't follow the recipe to a tee. I usually do my own variation depending on how much of the ingredients I have. I decided I only wanted to use 1/2 a cup of butter since my pan was small, so I halved the flour count as well. I also only used 3 eggs and less sugar. I figured you can always dust more powdered sugar on top if it's not sweet enough anyway, plus I don't like things to be too sweet (though some people live for that...obesity in America!). Anyhoo, they came out really well, almost perfect I couwould say. My one mistake was that some of my edges stuck to the foil I lined my pan with, so I recommend buttering the pan or the foil first.
All's well that ends well, whatever that's to a beautiful saturday:

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charissa said...

oooh. for some reason i made a sour face just looking at those lemons because memories rushed back of eating those super sour warhead candies.