Monday, January 14, 2008

The LA Times. Sigh.

An imaginary scene from the LA Times offices:

"Hey, Jim?"
"Yea Bob?"
"We don't got enough stories to fill the front page again--"
"Yea? *sigh* Well, there's gotta be something..."
"Hmm, well I can't find anything..."
"Hey wait! I got it! What was that hobby you were tellin' me about, the one your wife's been doing with the stickers and the paper cut-outs...what's that called again?"
*high five*

Number one.
WHY oh WHY is there an article on the front page of the LA Times about SCRAPBOOKING? For the sake of my sanity, please LA Times please pleeease with three e's please don't do this to my mental health by putting this bullshit story on the cover of your laughing stock of a newspaper. Come on. People ridicule your goddamn newspaper enough already!!! There is no way in hell, no fathomable reason in the whole world I can think of that would justify putting this on front page.
This wasn't front page Calendar section. This was hardcore actual front page. This is perfect ammunition for New York Times readers to use against us here on the west coast! SIGH.


ZOE said...
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ZOE said...

Dear Jasmine,

I left a long comment and somehow it got lost. It says there are no comments. Who knows why these things happen? In any case I will try to write a new comment.

Today while I waited for my espresso drink, I read The 50th issue of The Believer and the cafe employee asked, How have you been?

I answered by talking about The Believer. Then I flipped open to page 55 and asked, "You know of Charles Burns?" He did not but said, "It looks cool," referring to the art on page 55. And he's right. It did look cool. Page 55 and all the other pages of the issue are pretty pleasant to the eye.

I'm totally tuned out to mainstream news. I know very little about wars, elections, droughts, etc. I could tell I'm on detox diet after working daily for mainstream media for a year but really it's just that I'm choosing to be irresponsible.

But I don't want to tune in, say for example, the LA Times.


Because it's hard to be let down by your newspaper.

I'm just not willing to take that emotional risk right now.

So as the irresponsible individual that I am, I offer you this suggestion. Buy an issue of The Believer and don't take one look at the LA Times. Then read it as you eat a tasty vegetable, a product of your News Resolutions


ZOE said...

I apologize for all the typos.