Monday, February 08, 2010

more jewelry?!

i guess i've been on a bit of a jewelry blogging rampage lately...i blame all the stuff going around the internet about some schmancy lovey dovey holiday coming up called "valentine's day" or something...
nevertheless (and don't call me a sap for posting on these!) i had to do it, these were way too pretty. some may call them wedding or engagement rings (DON'T get any ideas people!), but let's just call them gorgeous and antique and far superior to any boring mass manufactured new tiffany's stuffs.
i just love the fact that they're old and so detailed and one of a kind. there is so much life to them; i don't know how to explain it. they're so interesting to look at! it's fun to imagine who they used to belong to, what they wore back then, little remnants of a forgotten era.
see for yourself:

more here at the erin basin store.

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charissa said...

Forget getting married. I want that middle ring just so I can marry myself.