Thursday, February 11, 2010

happy new year *reprise

one month into this year so far, and let me tell has been nothing short of INSANE.
that's why i've decided to start my year over on a more relevant date, my birthday. today is day one of my new year, so these are my resolutions:

#1. learn how to use the wacom tablet. i bought that sh** for a reason.
#2. finish the business plan
#3. read more books. draw more. find more creative outlets. ride my bike more. go to the opera in LA. visit the zoo.
#4. save money
#5. motivate myself
(ok #3 was actually more than one resolution, like a turbo resolution.)

on a happier note, a few nice things did happen this year so far. i moved into an apartment. i discovered an awesome brownie recipe. i taught myself some difficult photoshop screen separation techniques.
but anyway, here's to a new year. hope yours is going well, and if not, you can always start over on your birthday too. :)


charissa said...

My 2010 has been super sucky, so I'm with ya: My new year will start April!

Nancy said...

You should ride your bike with me and draw with me and i'd love to go to the zoo and the opera if Brian doesn't have the time! haha.