Friday, August 14, 2009



I don't know how many of you know, but Brian and I have been working on a special project called 'sucrose creamery'. After lots of paperwork, permits, and prep work, we are finally ready to launch.
THIS sunday, August 16th will be our first day at the Toluca Lake Farmer's market! We will be ready with some amazing, all natural, handmade ice creams to share with all of you in the LA basin. Hope to see you there!!! Some of our seasonal flavors for this week include: pinenut goat cheese with honey, blueberry yogurt, lime rosemary, coconut chili...and more!

p.s. i know you read this! i'm proud of you, Love.

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charissa said...

I just ate at a little ice cream cart here called Jr. Ambassadors this weekend and thought of you and "Brian," your bro, I presume? They had cool flavors like you. I got the gingersnap basil. Drool.