Wednesday, August 12, 2009


hello blog.
been busy with homework and midterms coming up.
here are some lists of things on my mind lately...

some things i like to eat:

-quesadillas. but i do this weird thing where i have to have this one certain side of the tortilla that is always the outside of the quesadilla. im talking about the smoother looking side. there's two different sides to every tortilla. no joke. it must be ocd.
-those natural fruit jellies they used to have at safeway. i found some at trader joe's and they're pretty good too.
-frozen waffles (toasted. obviously.) with jam.

things i'm going to do today:

-go to the park with a new friend
-make onion soup. except i bought swiss instead of Gruyere cheese and i don't have enough onions. no matter! no matter.
-should probably make bread because i haven't in a while. i wish we had old nasty bananas to make more banana bread with.

sorry this post was boring. i now leave you with picture of four leaf clover.
europe. circa june 2008.

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charissa said...

Pass along the onion soup recipe if it's a keeper. Such good comfort food. And you reminded me that I have an old banana lying around. Must get on that before it turns blue.