Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

we had a nice lunch today with dad. i took a lot of pictures of things he's been planting in the backyard. my dad can plant anything and make it grow; i mean ANYTHING. and well, the fish too, the fish in our fish tanks started out as a couple and multiplied like crazy. we could open up shop now, as aquarium/csa!

i accidentally picked the purple corn too early. and the yellow one waaay too early.

also, i checked my grades and that class i thought i failed horrendously i got a C- in. at least i passed. i am celebrating with chocolate chip cookies (this recipe) and a try at baking white bread this time...a productive afternoon.

wow i really have no life...

1 comment:

charissa said...

That bread looks glorious! Majestic! Regal! Bow to the bread.

I want the recipe!