Thursday, June 11, 2009


Another victory, just as my dream last night (complete with images of riots on the streets of LA) predicted. Time to pull out my Fisher 0.4 shirt. Who says he's too old?

Also, I'm attempting to bake bread for the first time.
Also, my dad planted some, and now there are a ton of these...

I'm not sure what they're called. White beans? I tried google-ing "types of beans", haha. I guess they're cannellini beans. He thought he had planted soybeans. Oh well. Fresh cannellini beans anyone?

P.S. Charissa! Recognize my shirt??


charissa said...

Haha. Glad it's serving you well as cannellini bean backdrop :) I just noticed in some of your recent FB photos that we have the same envelope necklace. Man, if we ever lived in the same city, our wardrobe would be twinserrific.

Anonymous said...

fava beans.