Thursday, April 10, 2008


IImages from Björk's new video, Wanderlust. It's a 3D film that took a year to create and screenings have been going on around town. The 2D version is already available online...

For the 3D glasses...according to the website:

One might ask how is to enjoy if it were not for the glasses. We have the solution-s! There are six ways to enjoy the special 3D version of Bjork’s Wanderlust, here we go:

#ONE: Go to a Video Kiosk at participating record store chains April 1 – May 31 -
and watch the video instore

#TWO: 318 record stores will be giving away free 3D glasses on Saturday, April 19th.
Pick up a pair and watch the video at a secret online location:

#THREE: Free 3D Glasses from RainbowSymphony, Inc Rainbow Symphony
You’ll want Red & Cyan glasses.

#FOUR: Make your own! Here's a link to making your own pair -

#FIVE: Send a self addressed envelope to One Little Indian’s offices to get your free glasses!

#SIX: And last but not least, pick up a copy of Bjork’s Wanderlust Special Collectors Package – with all sorts of wonderful goodies including:

1 audio cd in Surround Sound of all the Wanderlust remixes
2 heavyweight vinyl 12” discs of the remixes
1 DVD of the 2D and 3D versions of the Wanderlust video plus special stickers from the video!

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beetle said...

or or you could also download the ep here:

tracklist:Björk (2008) Wanderlust
01 Wanderlust (Radio Edit)
02 Wanderlust (Matthew Herbert Remix)
03 Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)