Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saving Water. Saving the World?

Last year I signed up for SoCal Edison's energy saving Summer Discount Program for the summer. Naturally (right after signing up) what followed was the hottest, most blistering summer I have ever experienced, all survived without one minute of air conditioning (because well, I had no choice, they turn it off for your discount).
I'm not saying you should sacrifice your sanity this summer (I mean, who knows, with global warming getting worse and what not) but there are all sorts of programs and rebates to sign up for on the SCE website to save both money and energy, one or both of which are probably important to you.

Anyhow, in relation to that, I received a package in the mail from SCE. It was a water saving kit that came with a sparkling new showerhead (one of those cool ones that has different settings like 'waterfall', 'rain', 'massage') and two faucet aerators that you put onto your faucet to save water. On their website you can get the same gift by taking a quick online energy survey. It's totally worth it for a free gift that will help you save water (and moola).
The only thing that concerns me is why they don't just make it a requirement for everyone to use water saving shower heads, faucets, appliances, etc. If I were Mayor/Senator/President I would make it the law. I mean really, who out there would refuse to save water? I'd have them exiled.

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