Friday, November 06, 2009

friday update

nothing spectacularly exciting, but here goes!:
school is, school. 5 more weeks and i'm outta there, and then i'm off to taiwan again for yet another cousin's wedding. we are getting old!
the internship i had didn't work out (aka it was lame and i didn't go back) so i actually had the day off yesterday. most of the day was spent on cute overload and googling "baby elephants" and "lions" because i started working with some dudes on a freelance job designing baby bedding. future babies of america, look out!
also, my mom got me a gym membership so i went and took a step aerobics class, which is just about the funniest and most embarrassing thing you could ever do to yourself. i kept picturing people i knew doing the class with me. step and clap and jump and over and jump and step and!
happy friday people.

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