Tuesday, October 06, 2009

a brand new week

sooo...school starts on wednesday. the break went by fast, so did the summer. in fact, now it actually feels like fall outside. it's not too cold yet; late afternoon walks with peanut feel just right.
so, what's new? i got an internship at an apparel manufacturer, so i will have a full week of school+work this quarter. the job seems promising; i'll be designing and doing some graphics for a little girl's clothing line. i hope it's not too overwhelming. at times school and homework are barely managable, but now that i have a job i need to be at whenever i'm not at school i am a bit scared at how hectic things will get during midterms and finals time. it's my LAST quarter! 10 more weeks and a year of fashion school will have gone by. can you believe it? i cant.

i leave you with something cute from fred flare...

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