Thursday, November 20, 2008

CSA Time again

I joined a CSA up here! If you're in the Bay Area, this is the one I joined. They have a stand in the Ferry Building for more info if you're interested. It's nice because they deliver right to your door too.
This was my first week of receiving produce. Yams, fennel, leeks, chard, broccoli, apples, satsumas, and fresh cranberries. Looking up recipe ideas right now. I tried making braised kale, but it ended up being kind of a bust. Oh well!
Today I tried using the fresh cranberries to make this recipe from Lottie+Doof. Except I'm not the best at following directions or using the right size pans and this and that. So it wasn't really an upside-down cake, but it's a cake nonetheless.
I'm also roasting some cut up yams, butternut squash, and sunchokes, just to take full advantage of the oven. It's been cold lately, so it feels good to have the oven on and the smell of caramelized vegetables is nice too.

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