Thursday, March 08, 2007

Neal Pollack

For those of you who don't know, which is most of you (which isn't a lot considering my small audience of readers of this blog ), my good friend Zoe introduced me to an author , Neal Pollack, about a year ago. I would recommend Neal Pollack's Anthology of American Literature for a good time.
Last month I drove up to San Francisco to go to a Neal Pollack book signing with her. These are the results of our Neal Pollack adventure:

Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle. Click on the picture for the article.


charissa said...

yeah for blog posts! what's your friend doing? her hands look like what you'd do when you're pissed, but then her face looks like she's trying hard to take a mental picture of neal's cute dorkyness. or it's like what those people do in church to hold hands and say, "let us pray..."

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, Charissa, you were, in fact, correct when you guessed "let us pray."

Jasmine's friend