Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The amount of time I am on the computer at work (eight hours.) I don't update this site enough. And I do kind of want to.
So who ever thought I'd end up in the fashion industry. Every girl's dream?

p.s. if I hear "Rick, please call me at extension 130"over the P.A. one more time my brain might explode.


zoe said...
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zoe said...

My brain exploded a long time ago when I was a receptionist and reading a book about the Rwanda genocide. That was the winter Uggs were in season and I'd get a 1,000 phone calls from girls asking and complaining about the limited supply of Uggs. Also, when a guy from the sports department asked, "What are you reading?" He asked me this before the movie Hotel Rwanda came out and I said, "A book about the Rwanda genocide." He said, "The wha-what? You are like, waaaay, too smart, okay?" Then he hit his friend in the head with a basketball, they laughed, and my brain exploded, as I wondered why the hell I was reading a book about genocide at work anyway.